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Tricoachec (Team Iron Navy) has designed training plans for beginners and intermediates, which are available through your private Training Peaks account.

Will my training fit my lifestyle?

We carefully plan your training so that there’s a good balance of work and recovery each week. You also have the flexibility to drag and drop your workouts to fit around your lifestyle. We simply recommend that you’re careful not to stack lots of tough workouts into the space of just a few days. Doing this might leave you liable to injury and over-tiredness.

How will I receive my plan?

We use Training Peaks to deliver your plan – the world’s most popular endurance coaching platform. You can use their free version, or upgrade for more functionality. Training Peaks is an online calendar that lets you record, track and analyze your training sessions.

It has a host of great features allowing you to get as in-depth as you like, including the ability to export your workouts to your training devices (Garmin, TrainerRoad etc) and follow them in real time.

Training Peaks enables us to set you in-depth training plans in a way that other formats cannot. Tricoachec is a Certified Coach and one of the best-selling coaches on the platform.

What is TrainingPeaks?

At its most basic level it’s a training calendar that enables you to view your planned workouts and record your completed sessions. It’s free to use when you purchase one of our training plans – you’ll be asked to sign up for a free Training Peaks account in the checkout process. However, there is an optional Training Peaks Premium version, which you may wish to upgrade to.

What can TrainingPeaks do?

Training Peaks can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be. It can be used on PC, Mac, smart phones and tablets and even directly on your training devices!

You can simply choose to view and record your training via the calendar, and drag and drop workouts within a week to suit your availability. Or if you’re an analytical person then Training Peaks has a wealth of functions that enable you to track your training progress. You can click on a completed workout and view your route, heart rate, power and pace data in relation to your personal Training Zones. Or you can use metrics such as Training Stress Score, Intensity Factor and Variability Index to monitor your fatigue and intensity. There is also a “Dashboard” function where you can view a wealth of graphs and tables showing how you’re progressing over time, such as the Performance Management Chart.

As coaches, Training Peaks enables us to offer you in-depth training plans, in a way that other formats (like PDF) do not facilitate.

Can I export workouts to my device?

Yes! Best of all, you can export your workouts to your training devices, including Garmin, TrainerRoad and Zwift (Zwift is currently cycling only workouts). This enables you to follow a workout in real-time, with onscreen instructions. It’s like having your coach in the room with you!

TrainingPeaks can sync to most commercially available training devices including Garmin, SRM, Stages, Suunto, Apple and Polar.

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